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Jul. 17th, 2008

I was just looking through old pictures, especially from 8th grade and graduation. We cried so much back then thinking we all wouldn't be able to function without each other, but all those people that seemed to matter so much back then, don't matter now. I understand we all kept in touch with those certain friends, but our lives progressed in high school. It's startling how fast time flies by, we're about to enter our senior year in high school and those pictures seem like they were just taken. But my point is, we wasted so much emotion and angst in middle school thinking we actually grasped the concept of graduation, of leaving our friends and being forced to move on with our lives. This time next year, we'll be jet-setting and on our way to college (hopefully), but maybe this time I'll actually be able to comprehend the depth of 'graduation'.

decisions, decisions...